21 3 / 2012

I did a few interviews recently for Womanthology: Heroic. It was a bit weird, and it’s weirder still seeing my name pop up on Twitter along with links to hear me rambling. But here are the links for anyone interested:

Jody Houser Talks Womanthology With Fanboy Comics - The title sums it up pretty well. This was a video (awkward!) interview I did the week before WonderCon at Emerald Knights to help promote their Womanthology signing on March 25th.

Fandom Planet 40 “We Wander Wondercon” - During WonderCon, I did an impromtu interview with Fandom Planet while sitting at the Womanthology table. You can hear it about 17 minutes into the podcast.

I think I sound a lot more comfortable during the audio-only interview, but some of that may have been the people high I got from sitting at the Womanthology table at Artist Alley. There were so many people who came up to say how much the project meant to them. I hadn’t really expected that. It was incredibly moving to see so much support for Womanthology, especially with the announcement that it’s going to be an ongoing.