24 1 / 2007

I’m currently in the middle of transferring this blog from Blogger to WordPress. That means that bits and pieces will be unavailable on and off for a bit and the layout will probably be in flux for a while. But hopefully, this will lead to more frequent updating.  There will also be fun new features like tags and commenting and such.

15 6 / 2006

My webcomic, Brickgirl & Oscar, is now being hosted on its own domain, brickgirlandoscar.com! Brand new site design as well. Though I have worked with CSS before, this is the first time I did a fairly complex stylesheet from scratch. Big pain in the ass, especially the footers. But I’m very happy with the end result. I wanted a site that would flow well with the comic itself, and I think I got it.

01 5 / 2005

I’ve decided to take advantage of my new DreamHost account which will support up to three domains. My writing blog (hopefully someday part of a whole writing site) will have its own domain. Shiny.

On another note, my schedule has become a mess lately with working, trying to find a real job, trying to write, trying to find industry people to read my stuff, trying to sell everything I own, etc. So I most likely won’t be updating this blog as much as I’d like to. But I’m hoping I’ll make the time at least once or twice a week.

24 3 / 2005

Since I left Emerson, I’ve missed being surrounded by writers and discussing writerly things (which was really much less pretentious than it sounds) Some of the forums I frequent have sub boards for writers, but most are crowded with bad angstful poetry-writing pseudo goth kids. So I ended up joining a writer’s forum I stumbled across during my agent research, Absolute Write Water Cooler. They have an astounding number of sub forums, really too many to list here, but any place that has screenwriting, playwriting, sci-fi/fantasy writing, spiritual writing, AND bitch about rejections sections is good by me.

03 1 / 2005

I feel like at this point I should stop being surprised when _______ TV series appears on DVD. I guess there are some shows that I never imagined there was a big enough market for to justify releasing full season box sets.

I’ve found that while I love having full runs of all of Joss Whedon shows on hand, TV on DVD takes the fun out of catching reruns in syndication. It used to be cool to catch that great episode that you hadn’t seen in several years by chance, but now you remember you have it in much better quality with commentary sitting on your shelf. Not to mention the loss of fandom status from having caught every episode when it aired, if you’re one to care about such things. Keeping up with TV shows has just become to easy these days.

On a semi-related note, I was glad to see that on the Gargoyles Season 1 DVD, Disney included a feature on fan conventions that acknowledged fanfiction and cosplay as not only existing, but keeping fandom alive and strong. Good for them.

25 12 / 2004

I’m finally the proud owner of Final Draft. Now I can become a serious screenwriter. As soon as I actually get it installed. Which will be as soon as I have a stable computer. Which might take a while.

30 11 / 2004

Well, advice I never seem to take seriously, but…

Always alway ALWAYS back up your writing regularly. Then you won’t have to have a nervous breakdown in the midst of trying to salvage your thesis off of a malfunctioning computer a day before you fly out to defend/submit it.

The worst part is, this is the third time I’ve had a computer go kaput on me and not had a recent backup. I can make my excuses about the DVD burning software not working, but the truth of the matter is, I’m just an idiot.